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I have had extensive experience as the lead editor of several short form types of film, including short films, music videos, and promotional material. Some examples of my work can be found below.

"The Parting Glass" (2017)

Editor, Colorist

Directed by Benjamin Spiegel

"Guns Don't Lie" (2018)


Directed by Benjamin Spiegel

"Prism" (2016)

Additional Editing, Visual Effects

Directed by Ryan Patton

"Crusaders" (2017)

Editor, Colorist

Directed by Julian Guzman

"Therapy" (2015)


Directed by Kevin Rauda-Salcedo

"Dungeons and Dragons" (2015)

Editor, Colorist, Visual Effects

Directed by Terran Seifart

"All We Do" by Smithereens (2016)


Directed by Marq Robinson

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